Sign – The Hope (Extended version) [ENG]

What would you say for a musical celebration with unrealised tracks by Sign? From the early March The Hope (Extended Version) is available on gogoyoko for streaming and downloading.

Although the musicians are still intensively working on their new record, which should be realised this year, the guys found some time to promote their older records. All tracks that we know from The Hope were remixed and remastered. Additionally, the album features 6 unreleased tracks which were recorded by Sign in 2007 during The Hope sessions but never made the album, plus an extended version of the title track. If you never get tired of Ragnar’s melodic vocals and you always want more and more entire 16-tracs album can be found HERE –  for streaming and purchasing for only 8 euros.

Musicans announce that other albums will be remastered and shared online as well.

In the case of The Hope basic album set:

        1. Dancing In – 3:08
        2. Misguided – 3:26
        3. Hold Me Alive – 3:29
        4. All Gone – 4:16
        5. Beautiful/Depressing – 3:50
        6. The Hope – 4:00
        7. Moveless – 3:54
        8. Immobilized By Fear – 3:43
        9. The Lonely Boy – 4:07
        10. The Lost Way Of Self Remedy – 4:49

Was extended by:

11. Deeper – 3:31
12. So Small – 3:47
14. The Soul Moves Forward – 5:19
13. All that I can do – 3:04
15. To Perceive the Self – 4:21
16. When Angels Turn Into Clowns – 4:31

Sign live video for Hold Me Alive from the album The Hope

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Sign – The Hope (Extended version)
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