Right before his Polish tour – interview with 7oi

4 albums plus 2 unreleased albums; loads of projects in making music for theatre, modern dance and films; and countless other music making that never saw the light of day. This time he’s coming to Poland and he’ll play 5 concerts. Although he hasn’t been in Poland before his music did. In 2010 7oi composed the music for the show played on stage of Silesia Dance Theater. Right before his Polish tour 7oi told us something about himself.

Michał: Johan, in early May, you are going on tour to Poland. What are your expectations, what do you expect?

7oi: Well, I don’t really know what to expect. This will be me first ever tour anywhere, so I’m basically expecting a lot of new experiences, meeting a whole bunch of people and most of all a fantastic adventure.

Michał: In that case , what can we, listeners – Icelandic music lovers expect?

7oi: Oh, that’s an excellent question. The thing with my live performances is also that you never know what to expect. I can produce very schizophrenic live sets, as I mix everything from sweat little piano songs to heavy electronic madness. So expect the unexpected.

Michał: Recently, in the network appeared your new song ” Fri FLOW”(it’s actually called Fowl, like the bird species)–is this the announcement of a complete edition in the near future?

7oi: In short, yes. I have started working on a new release and that song marks the beginning of that project and also shows the direction I’m going with the sound. As I’ve been preparing for the tour in Poland I’ve started working on even more tracks, so you could say the next release is coming on nicely and hopefully It will be ready later this year.

Michał: From what we know there will be five your concerts in our country … from what we know you have had some contacts with Poland. Can you tell us something about it?

7oi: Oh yes, five concerts in five days in five different cities. One tight tour planned by my friend Michal, who took it up all on his own to organize this whole tour. If it wasn’t for him and then the help of the Icelandic airlin Iceland Express, I’d never be able to manage a tour like this.

This isn’t the first time I’ve “performed” in Poland, though. Although I have not performed in person before, I have made music for a dance piece performed by the Silesian Dance Theatre in 2010. So my music arrived in Poland at least two years before I did.

Michał: 7oi – please announce your concert somehow.

7oi: Well, here are the dates of the concerts:

3 May @ OkoMiasta, Katowice

4 May @ SkupKultury, Tychy

5 May @ Powiększenie/Plan

6 May @ Falanster, Wrocław

7 May @ KlubMigawka, Kraków