The only thing we did was playing music and skateboarding – the interview with Magnús Ágústsson of Búdrýgindi

Búdrýgindi consists of four gentlemen – Axel Haraldsson, Benedikt Smári Skúlason, Viktor Orri Árnason and Magnús Ágústsson. They come from Kópavogur and have known each other since childhood. Actually I can say that title legendary has earned them for over last 10 years. In 2011 they released one new song unexpectedly and that is how my adventure with them began. Here you can find what was the most fascinating thing for me. Today Búdrýgindi is dormant but you can hear a half of this team playing also in Hjaltalín right now. However, today I would like to present you, what I found out thanks to Búdrýgindi’s singer Magnús in 10 years after the release of a debut album called KúbaKóla.

Úlfurinn: While reading a history of Búdrýgindi I discovered you actually were the brightest hope of Icelandic music since 2000. And the youngest one either, right?
Magnús Ágústsson: In 2000, the band first entered Músíktilraunir (Icelandic battle of the bands), and got selected as the Brightest Hope (the youngest band at the time I think, we are all born in 1987). Two years later, 2002, we won the same competition (also the youngest at the time) and went on to release KúbaKóla later that year. Subsequently, we won the Icelandic Music Awards as the best Newcomer in 2003 (again, the youngest band, which got that prize).

Úlfurinn: How could you describe the experience of victory in the most known competition for young talents in Iceland in retrospect? Is it still very important day in your life?
Magnús: I think I speak for all of us when I say that the day when we won Músíktilraunir was one of the best days in our life. It was so unexpected since we had decided that we were way too young to win it. But we did and the ball really started rolling for us. It gave us a huge opportunity, because we got studio hours + a record deal and also since then we’d got invited to play in almost every place in Reykjavík.

Úlfurinn: You released only two albums but a new song appeared after years of silence. Was it just for once or can we have a hope for Búdrýgindi on the stage again?
Magnús: We will definitely release another album, it could be next year, but it could also be in 10 years. But we will though. We try to get together and play at least one show a year although we probably won’t do it this year.

Úlfurinn: It seemed like it didn‘t matter how old you were but you definitely were able to play such a good and energetic piece of rock. Could you tell us more about your beginning? How did you start your adventure with music?
Magnús: The band sounded so good despite our age, because the only thing we did was playing music and skateboarding. After school we either went to the garage or the skate park. Also, the diversity in our background played a huge role. Three of us studied classical music and we were always trying new things.

Úlfurinn: Are you still following news about Músíktilraunir? Has it changed since time when you took part in it? What can you tell us about RetRoBot?
Magnús: Músíktilraunir is a good platform for bands, though we don’t really follow it anymore. Probably because we’re jealous of other bands’ success! But what I’ve heard from RetRoBot is not bad though.

Thank you very much! More songs of Búdrýgindi are available on Youtube and you can listen to the whole KúbaKóla debut album on Groove Shark.

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