Muck in Cracow

2012 is a year, when I experienced three special gigs. I didn’t know what to expect from them and as a result I was very surprised. Each of them was actually something totally different. The last one took place in October. More strictly speaking – October 25th in Cracow. Muck and three other bands from Canada, Hungary and Denmark, which performed that night at Kawiarnia Naukowa responding to the invitation of Blindman Melodies label, put me to the considerable sonic test. I survived!

Hardcore punk presented by Muck has shown to me here and there since the beginning of this year, which means basically since the release of its debut full-length album called Slaves. The guys have played together since 2007, but I mobilised myself to dig deeper thanks to their October European tour. One of the stops was in Cracow. Finally lined up something with much bigger power than delicate acoustic guitar playing or dancing to fat beats.

In the Thursday evening on October 25th I was in a new headquarter of Kawiarnia Naukowa – in the basement at Szeroka St. no. 10. Have you ever been to a concert where a band played in chamber with a well? It happened to me the first time in my entire life. This chamber was quite small or the volume reached high level… or both thoughts are true. I have to admit that I experienced a kind of shock. I’ve seen before, thanks to Aldrei Fór Ég Suður broadcasts, what Muck is able to do live, but… they’re not
people – on stage they turn into beasts. The band really can hit very hard. During whole this shower of decibels, a microphone landed about three times on the floor but once it decided to take revenge – Kalli got a memorial stamp on his forehead. This gig was like face-to-face meeting with angry Godzilla. I survived meeting with the monster! What was a result? Whole next week after the show I hummed Mother and practised my neck muscles involuntarily.

Will Muck return to Poland? I believe so, because as they admitted after the show – it was one of their best performances during the October tour. Before the gig, the band found a moment to share stories about the past, future plans as well as thoughts about Icelandic music scene specially for the Readers of our website. I can gladly invite you to watch our video interview!

Here you can listen to brand new work of MuckImaginary 7″


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