Michał Loska – review.

How to determine the important experience, which will remain in memory for a long time, or perhaps for many years?
Exactly!- it’s hard, because in this case, I was able to boil my emotions up twice. Taking into account that there is winter now, this was a positive fact. Cracow was first, next-Chorzow. At the beginning was astonishment, then just vivid and clear emotions.
I’m talking about unique concerts of Icelandic songwriter Myrra Rós.

Myrra is not that popular in Poland as HALLA is, but to my surprise, both concert in Cracow and concert on Chorzow were very good and positive in terms of attendance.


At 6:30 p.m. I was on the Krakowska street in Cracow. I knew that Myrra’s concert was planned to start at 8:00 p.m. I ordered another beer calmly, contemplating in silence with beer mat for the aforementioned drink. What could I expect? I was wondering if I fell in love madly again, or if I would absorb every note during the concert. Oh…… and this the thrill of uncertainty. After all, Youtube doesn’t reflect this as image with “for real ” resolution does.

I couldn’t manage to wait. Expectations rise with every second, so at 7:00 p.m. I jumped in a taxi to get to an unknown place for me. As I am not a resident of ‘the city of artists’ and the street plan is a tough puzzle for me no matter what city I visit. I feel kind of strange, so after a few steps from Krakowska street to Wawel I took a first encountered taxi.

Something for Cracow residents.

Being on the Krakowska street I took a taxi to the Jozef street paying for it less than 8 zlotys. It is obvious- I’m not going to do this again knowing that these streets cross.
After such a compromising raid I found the destination of my small trip – Pub called” Kolanko number 6”.
After entering the pub, at the beginning I experienced a little surprise. “Kolanko” was full of people who were eating admirable food and one million of interesting smells made me dizzy.
“Is this the place where the Myrra Rós concert is going to take place” I asked the bartender.
That bartender pointed me to a narrow passage between the rows of chairs, tables and eating people. At the end of this not very complicated maze I got to the next door which was just opening. After crossing the threshold I found myself in another, separate room resembling an old barn with a high ceiling. It was nice and to be honest, quite interesting.

Little scene, and on it, after a short wait showed a fantastic, smiling and seemed a little embarrassed person. Her stage name was Phia. Woman, who showed in “Kolanko” that with minimal resources she can present an interesting music. Using only a small instrument, which is kalimba and loop stations, PHIA presented a full range of musical abilities. Starting from atmospheric and passionate voice that was heard perfectly ,in my opinion, in the most beautifully made ​​piece “Chemistry”, by the joyous “Indecision”, which in some way brings to mind the works of the artist under the stage name, Lenka.
The last song performed by Phia in the “Kolanko” was GOTYE and all-too-well-known song „Somebody That I Used To Know” which was sung accompanied by Myrry Rós. I don’t know how about you, but I got sick of this song, but this time, to my surprise, this song sounded fresh and who knows if not better than the original version. Finally, two sensuous voices have an advantage.
Simplicity and naturalness of Sophia Exiner (Phia) allowed for complete relax and prepared for the climax of the evening. Taking this opportunity, Phia, thank you!
For anyone interested in the work of Phia, I present one of her songs below.


Even before Myra, on the scene appeared a shy person. It was Pete Uhlenbruch from Australia. About this gentleman, I also need to write a few words. Pete presented material from his latest album „Go With River”. Pete’s guitar and his gentle voice certainly won many hearts of the women gathered in “Kolanko”. It was definitely very pleasant and enjoyable introduction to the main show. In the Pete’s work we could hear the impact of such artists like Damien Rice or Glean Hansard of “The Frames”. Romantic love ballads were interspersed with folk songs. But the show didn’t seduce me like the Phia’s performance. But to give the basic meaning of these sentences, I want to note that songs like „Stones and Bones” and „By The Riverside” are quite successful and catchy. Pete Uhlenbruch presented a good material, but I think it might sound much more interesting on a larger number of instruments. Amen.


And it happened. On the stage appeared dear lady Myrra Rós and she immediately charmed the audience, pulled at the heartstrings and would not let go until the very end. Myrra presented almost all the songs from her first album, mysteriously titled „Kveldulfur”, which roughly translated means „free wolf”. honestly, this title could post a summary of the whole concert. Mysticism of the time, honesty and freedom which Myrra freed was surprising. Every song made ​​the audience wanted more and more. Myra was not ashamed to lead a casual conversation with the audience between songs. She was totally laid-back and cheerful. On stage Myrra had some help-Larusson Andres, who played the bass guitar and sometimes sang the vocal parts by his low and dark voice. The material from the debut album was recorded almost unplugged, which definitely matched to the concert. It didn’t go without beautiful ballad songs performed in Icelandic. It’s my cup of tea. Songs like “Vid Og Vid Laru Lag” or “Værð og vökul þrá” will remain remembered as one of the most beautiful Icelandic ballads sung by a woman. Myrra’s acoustic guitar and Andreas’s bass guitar has been supported by drummer with great potential –Julius in several songs. We could amire him in the songs, which,personally, surprised me. For example, the English version of „Milo” literally floored me, because we heard a bit of interesting country. Myra can play with words and music, as opposed to a part of Icelandic musicians and each her song is emotional. The most beautiful song played at the Cracow concert was „Animal”, which was definitely differently arranged compared to the entire CD. „Animal” almost made ​​me cry. Played much slower, calmer and acoustically, it was my number one this evening. It would seem that it was all for that night and we will all go to ours homes. Filled with beautiful sounds, muttering favorite moments, notes and words. Well, Myra left behind something that probably any musician from Iceland have never left before.
As the manager of the team is Polish guy-Rafal, Myra decided to share with all that she was fluent in Polish. At the end of the concert, when everyone was expecting the standard „thank you”, on the appeared support stand with piece of paper attached on it. Over the next few minutes she patiently tried to teach the audience of one, very important sentence – I LOVE YOU. After several tests, about one hundred persons equally and explicitly said ” ég elska þig ” and from the speakers sounded „Thoughts and words” – well-known song of the Polish band, “Bajm”. Perfect show was rewarded with applause, and Beata Kozidrak could learn from Myrra sensual performance of this song.


Why do we have part two? I was privileged to hear and see Myrra again at the first concert tour in Poland. On Valentine’s Day Myrra performanced in “Lesniczowka” in Chorzow. It was the perfect place for such music, artist and feelings. No one can tell in a few words what atmosphere was there. I hope that all couples will remember this evening as one of the most romantic in their lives. Each songin Chorzow sounded two or perhaps even three times more sensually. With each song I was more confident that this show couldn’t end that day and that Myra was playing only for me and that I was alone at the concert. Of course the best part of the evening was the performance of my beloved „Animal”, and surprising, „Thoughts and Words” by „Bajm”, during the context on 14th February took in a different, mystical dimension.
Myrra Rós-an artist who will surprise us more than once. I’m sure about that. Taking into account her Polish language learning abilities, next time I expect reciting some poem.
Myrra – þakka þér (thank you).

Michał Loska
translated by Ula Bratek