o trasie.

Owls of the Swamp:

There are four main things that stand out in my memory from the recent tour of Poland (during which we performed 14 concerts in 13 cities); the bitter winter cold, the warm and hospitable people, incredible music venues, and the delectable food. Perhaps I will keep my tour review to a brief reflection upon each of these themes.

I am happy I can feel my toes again. And I am happy that the brutal depths of this particular winter are not a regular feature in the cycle of Polish seasons (to the best of my understanding from discussions with locals). I have a new definition of cold now, and I would never have expected to consider zero degrees ‘warm’. Particular highlights include regularly discovering frozen bottles of water and coke in our touring van, and the absence of hot water in more than one sleeping location on the tour. Apparently our tour manager’s beard froze on more than one occasion. And if I could grow a real beard myself, I’m sure it would have happened to me as well.

I am happy to have experienced the warm hospitality of the Polish people. Such hunger and appreciation for music, is something I wish every country possessed. This was the first tour I was lucky enough to be a part of in which more than a few shows were sold out in advance. And I found the hospitality from both hosts and audiences at each venue and city to be second to none. If anyone were to ask me the main reason to visit Poland, this would be my first reason (amongst many). Thank you for laughing at my silly jokes and singing along with my songs.

I am happy to have performed in a castle. Yes, I am certain that Książu castle is the most stunning location I have ever performed in. But what I really enjoyed about this tour was the sheer variety of venues, which included a castle, a squat, a rock bar in a forest, clubs, restaurants, cafes, a jazz bar and a community center. And I think that this diverse spectrum of music venues really attests to the rich vibrancy of the Polish music culture.

My taste buds and stomach are also happy to have experienced Polish food. Amongst my new favourite dishes are Zurek soup, Zapiekanka, and of course Pierogi. I get hungry again just writing about this.

It was definitely a tour I will never forget, and I hope to visit again soon, preferably in the summer. Dziękuję!


The February 2012 Poland tour left me with so many sensations and experiences to remember – the absolutely lovely audiences we played to every night, the Narnian landscapes of snow and ice, delicious zurek soup, pronunciation lessons (Mt Kosciuszko in Australia is pronounced by us Aussies as kozz-i-osko should actually be Kosh-choosh-koh!) and the incredible hospitality we experienced from the people there. Looking forward to being back later in the year!

Myrra Rós:

I am so glad to have had this chance to tour in Poland. Never had I imagined it this way! This was the best tour I have ever been on and I hope I get the chance to tour again soon. I found the audience so nice and I din not expect this great reaction to my music at all. Since I have never been to Poland I did not expect such packed gigs night after night! I really want to thank all of you who came to the shows and supported us on our travels. All the venues and the people taking care of us, I hope to see you all soon. I enjoyed the culture, the food and the hospitality of everyone I met and we are looking into booking another tour this summer already! Kocham cie Poland. I missed you as soon as I got home! x. Myrra Rós