Futuregrapher: I’m excited to experience Katowice and Warsaw

On the 13th of April Futuregrapher will play in Katowice and it’ll be his first concert for Polish audience. The next day he’ll also play in Warsaw. Right before these two shows I’ve asked him about 2015, new album and the vibes he’ll bring to Poland!

Bartek: Hi Futuregrapher! Where are you right now?

Futuregrapher: I am very cozy and happy.

Bartek: I just had to ask you a few questions right before you’ll come to Poland. We’ve been talking about you and Skynvera at the end of 2014, with hope that one day you’ll come and play for us. Now it’s 2016 and two Polish shows ahead. Isn’t it great?

Futuregrapher: That’s wonderful. I’m trying to add more shows as we speak – in some record shops (like during the day). But this is great. I have never been to Poland – so I’m very excited.

Bartek: What could we expect from Futuregrapher in Katowice and Warsaw?

Futuregrapher: You can expect to hear me playing stuff from my new album in some parts, as well some acid electronica. It will be able to get your brain dancing and your feet.

Bartek: There was a lot of things happening through 2015. You’ve released Eitt together with Jón Ólafsson. It’s a perfect album, so I wasn’t surprised it’s been nominated to Kraumur Awards. How would you describe last year?

Futuregrapher: 2015 was a good year in music for me. My album with Jón Ólafsson was a success and it is today Möller Records biggest seller. I’m glad we had good reviews and were nominated to the Kraumur Awards – because we both know it’s a good album. We will release ’Tvö’ (Second) later this year.

Bartek: We all now you’re pretty busy. There is always something you’re currently working on. You’ve just finished your new album – Hrafnagil which is going to be released on 12 of April. Could you tell us more about Hrafnagil?

Futuregrapher: Hrafnagil is an oath to my hometown Tálknafjörður in Westfjords. There I grew up. Lived in 24 years. All the tracks are named after places in my Fjord. The songs on the album are very minimal; just basic ambient with a bassline and drum machine (most often TR-606).

Bartek: There will be casette edition of Hrafnagil. Oh, great 90’s… Could we expect more MC releases from Möller Records or is it incidental?

Futuregrapher: We did actually release Gilsbakki and LP on cassette via Touch Tapes in Los Angeles. They were limited to 100 copies and sold out fast! I am sure there would be more – because this format is so beautiful. Raw, but beautiful.

Bartek: Is there any special place, city, or anything that you would like to see in Poland?

Futuregrapher: I want to see them all! But I’m excited to experience Katowice and Warsaw.

Bartek: So, now I can say that – see you soon in Poland!

Futuregrapher: YES! I’m very excited ! See you soon.

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