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Lóan er komin – it’s a song, which announces a debut album of new rock band from Reykjavík called Grísalappalísa. The album will be released later this year by 12 Tónar records. Musicians of Grísalappalísa promise they won’t let listeners stay untouched. The band hasn’t been known abroad yet but it’s just a matter of time, because their skills and talents aren’t small! I think there’s no need to convince you to their music – just see below what they can do on stage. They are like musical Molotov cocktail throwers. Beware, they aim well – just blink your eye and you can be shot easily with their sound.

If supergroups could exist in this country, you would use this term to describe Grísalappalísa for sure. Then this band would be just one of many. It’s not a secret that here are plenty of supergroups. But Grísalappalísa shines. Taking account of a rich music past (and actually present as well…) of those musicians, which also shows how wide inspirations are able to create their own sound, it‘s hard to describe in one word what kind of music they play. One thing is clear, they make Music using block M letter, mixing rock’n’roll and punk rock, what gives exploding mixture.

Two singers of Grísalappalísa are responsible for lyrics in Icelandic – Gunnar Ragnarsson (Jakóbínarína) and Baldur Baldursson. A tone of voice of the first of them can remind Ian Curtis in some way. He cannot stay still on stage, his energy erupts and turns him into a beast. Yes, exactly, Gunnar turns into beast and while I was watching him with a cast on his hand during gig, I wondered if he‘s able to break another limb but this time on stage. The singers have fun and are vocally complementary to each other.

Let’s jump to a music layer. It’s not possible to deny such a taste of humour of the band. They play rock’n’roll with punk rock claw and sweeten the pot with sound of saxophone. There is one of Icelandic magicians in Grísalappalísa, who can paint the world with colours of music and show that appropriate approach to an instrument can open listener‘s ears to totally different areas and dimensions. I‘m speaking of Tumi Árnason. Until now I’d connected his person mostly with drifting sound of slow jazz-rock The Heavy Experience, but with Grísalappalísa he´s able to show a saxophone not only in sonic landscapes, but also in a swashbuckling perspective. His friend from the band and Útgafa Úsland record label – Albert Finnbogasson (you saw him on the last Sóley tour) leads guitar parts with carefree ease and a rhytm section – constisting of Bergur Anderson (Oyama) on bass and Sigurður Möller Sívertsen (Jakóbínarína) on drums – won’t leave you in state of stillness, don’t even think about it. You will move unconsciously with at least a little toe in your shoe.

They signed a contract with 12 Tónar records (what is very promising for the future), released a single Lóan er komin, their debut album titled Ali will be out this year and soon you can watch a video for song called Hver er ég?.

You can find more informations about Grísalappalísa on their Facebook.

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