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Although this is the end of the year, Icelandic artists worked at full speed. We’ve got a few great albums and eps released in December, there’s also very interesting debut amongs them. 15 electronic tracks, powerful, climatic and heavy at the same time. It’s Húni.

His song – 13 – has been opening Myrkramakt II album released under Hið Myrka Man in September. It was there among a broad representation of darkwave and experimental scene with such artists as Hatari, Dulvitund, Kuldaboli or AAIIEENN.

Huni is 21 years old and lives in Reykjavik. At the beginning he was playing in a stoner / doom-metal bands, but about four years ago he gained interest in electronic music production. Since then he was making low slung downtempo ambient infused beats. His debut album was released by Rimar Tracks, new Icelandic label from Hafnarfjörður, founded by Aaiieenn (Hallmar Gauti) and Decanter. The name of the label refers to the one of Icelandic mountains, located near Dalvík. So far, Rimar release their productions just in two versions – digital and cassette. So is the case with Húni album.

Actually, Bjarni Elí Jóhannsson (the man behind Húni moniker) collected 15 songs. This albumhas been in the making for the past one and a half year and is very diversed. Contains very short, even a few seconds forms, as well as longer full songs. But the album makes very good impression as a whole. Húni serves dark electronic climate, somewhere between downtempo, ambient and noise. It’s a big dose of juicy, full and heavy sounds. Among all the fifteen I got a few of my favorites – vlkm [numbers], bblleedd, L, mountain mouth or ur ded.

This is instrumental album in its entirety. If Bjarni would have invited to collaborate one of the well-known Icelandic vocalists he would have been hailed today as another revelation from the island and his album would get much wider audience. Fortunately Húni remained outside the mainstream music trends and recorded the album on his own. It’s sounds fantastic and complete.

I totally agree with a sentence found on the Rimar Tracks page: „Any fan of electronic music would be missing out on this fantastic release straight from the depths of the Icelandic music scene”. So you can’t miss this album, it’s fantastic LP!




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