Album Review – Hiding Behind the Light by Blood Feud (2012) [ENG]

Let me introduce you to my favourite Icelandic technical death/trash metal album released last year. “Hiding Behind the Light” is a full length debut album of Icelandic group Blood Feud, that follows the EP “Adjustment to the Sickest” issued in 2008.  In my opinion they improved a lot since then. First major change is in vocals, because during recording of this album new bass player – Óskar Rúnarsson – joined the band, and supported Böðvar Ólafsson behind the microphone with his strong death metal growl, what I consider as a really good combination. As my friend accurately noticed they could remind one a bit of old times Edge of Sanity, so I am sure that fans of this band would enjoy Blood Feud´s work as well. If it is not your story maybe I can convince you to my point of view by reffering to Vader, my favouritte Polish technical death metal band. So… when kids from Blood Feud play really fast, as in the album title song, it makes me slightly think about “Back to the Blind” album by Vader.

If you need more references I can say totally personally that my favourite song “Divine” reminds me a bit of last album by Dissection, but I guess I am only one person in the world who can find any similarities between two of them.
Anyway let´s move smoothly to this record itself. “Hiding Behind the Light”it is really good, rhythmical piece of work, released independently by band. Album starts, one could say, rather nicely with a melodic song “Myrkvi”, which has in my opinion the best – very atmospheric – lyrics in the whole CD.

Kind of interesting idea is that in this album you can hear not only Böðvar and Óskar, but also voices of Rakel Magnúsdóttir and Gúðni Már Henningsson, from Icelandic rock band – Tass, who supported guys in the fifth track on the disc – “Imperishable”.

Album closes with “We Own The Night” which, I guess, reflects guys livestyle (?). You have to listen to the lyrics very cerfully to find out that probably they owned not one night. ;)

Summarizing I highly recomment this record if you like good chunk of trash.

Check the band out on facebook , where you can contact them personally to purchase hard copy of this record. You can also find them on and get the album for 5,50 Euro and I guarantee that these would be money well spent.

Enjoy it.

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