HULDAsound release day! Special interview with HULDA

HULDA is Rannvá’s Helenudóttir artist name. She’s energetic, enthusiastic and charismatic Faroese artist. I’ve kept my fingers crossed for her from the very beginning of her solo project. And today I’m happy to tell you great news! HULDAs first album – HULDAsound album has been officialy released (digitally)!  I just couldn’t refuse myself asking HULDA a few questions about the album… and not only. Here it is, our special HULDA interview.

HULDA photo by Jónfríð EliasenBartek: First of all I have to ask you one thing that I owe our readers. Who really is HULDA? Could you introduce yourselves to Polish fans?

HULDA: Hmmm who is HULDA… She’s a Nordic creature from the Faroe Islands who loves music, to experiment and be creative.

Bartek: So, this is the day! HULDAsound has been finally released. How do you feel?

HULDA: I’m soooo excited, can’t wait to share my album with everyone! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long long time, several years, but never really felt ready until now, so you can only imagine how excited I am.

Bartek: I think it’s about half a year since your first single came out. How long you’ve been working on the album?

HULDA:  We started working on the album about a year ago. Jens L. Thomsen, the producer, and I have been really picky about the sound and have used a long time finding the perfect sound for HULDA. We would not release anything until the both of us were 100% satisfied with the result, and HULDAsound is the result of this amazing collaboration.

Bartek: And you’ve recorded the whole album on Faroe Islands?

HULDA: No it’s recorded in the Faroe Islands at Støkumørk, Innan Glyvur and also in Dartmouth Place in London, UK.

Bartek: Before HULDAsound you’ve released four singles. What was the feedback about the band and your music?

HULDAsound artwork & cover - Kirstin HelgadóttirHULDA: Yes I’ve released 4 singles so far „Sorgin”, „Every Drop”, „Sail On” and „Stay / Away”
I’m overwhelmed how good the feedback has been. I am on tour now with Nordisk 2015 which is amazing. I got asked if I could join the Nordisk 2015 tour after releasing only 2 singles, so that was really great and I’m so happy. The singles have also been played a lot on the national radio in the Faroe Islands.

Bartek: I’ve been listening to album teaser and I have to say that this is a very good record. Light and gentle mix of electro, ambient and pop. Your music and Rannvás voice are very recognizable. Do you think you’ve already found your way of expression or maybe you’re still searching for it?

HULDA: Thank you very much, really glad you like it!
HULDA is Rannvá’s artist name, so HULDA’s music and Rannvá are the same. I write all music and lyrics, except the song „Blinded By His Colours” which is a co-write with the Dane Mikkel Engell and myself.

The songs are originally written as acoustic songs, then Jens L. Thomsen and myself transform these songs into HULDA. Jens is amazing to collaborate with! I think he has amazing ears, a tremendous musicality and a great way to find the right sounds for the rearrangements. We can sit for hours with tiny details and sometimes we can create a lot in a very short period of time. Jens is so creative, so it has been a blast to collaborate with him.

I think the sound and expression is exactly how it’s suppose to be right now but of course this can develop over time.

Bartek: I also wanted to ask about the cover of your album, which I think is also really great. Whose idea was that and how did you like working with Kirstin Helgadóttir?

HULDA: I love working with Kirstin Helgadóttir, she’s so talented, artistic and creative! We talked about how we would like the cover to look like then she just did her magic. She has also directed and edited the music video for „Sail On”.

Bartek: I’d describe your music as a fresh breath right from Faroe Islands. I’ve never been to your country but I can hear echoes of Huldufólk in your music… I’m curious if it is hard to be musician or artist living on Faroe Islands?

HULDAsound artwork & cover - Kirstin HelgadóttirHULDA: Thank you, yes I think we’d managed to mix some of the old Faroese folk feel into HULDA’s music universe, so I’m glad you can hear it!

Hmmm the music scene in the Faroes is really big compared to the population. We get a lot of support in the Faroes as a musicians. Guess it’s quite easy to get your music heard in the Faroe Islands but the big deal is to get it elsewhere which is hard. Because the Faroe Islands are so isolated it can be quite an expensive affair to, example, go on tour.
I think it takes a lot to be able to live of your music solely but some musicians in the Faroes do manage and hopefully I’ll get there one day too.

Bartek: You’ve played many live shows lately (Faroe Islands, Denmark, Switzerland) and looking through the pictures it seems like you had so much fun! Do you enjoy playing live?

HULDA: YES!! I LOVE it! I feel really alive performing and will hopefully go back on tour again soon!

Bartek: And changing into a totally different field… the last question is about your biggest dream. What would it be?

HULDA: Oh that’s a tough one, got a lot of dreams!!
Music-wise I would say that it would be to be able to live of my music solely, to perform, travel, write great songs and just fully live life as a professional musician.
And hopefully I’ll come to Poland to play some concerts in the near future too :)

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HULDA photo – Jónfríð Eliasen

HULDAsound artwork & cover – Kirstin Helgadóttir

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